The 10 best natural pre-workout supplements

So you’re interested in knowing which pre-workout supplements are both natural and effective in providing a performance boost?

Most supplements nowadays contain natural ingredients, but they’re also full of chemicals like artificial sweeteners, aconite, ulnic acid and many others which can cause side effects like digestive issues and migraines. These side effects can easily be prevented by using powerful supplements that are largely made from the ingredients included in this top 10 list.

1. Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is an amino acid naturally produced by the human body, especially when we consume other amino acids. Unfortunately, these amounts of Citrulline are not enough to energize us as much as we’d prefer, which is why taking it in supplement form is the only way to really feel the effects.

This pre-workout is known as a fatigue fighter, but it has other benefits as well. It reduces formation of lactic acid, speeding up recovery between training sessions. It also improves growth hormone release. The more growth hormone we have, the easier it is to build muscle tissue and get rid of fat.

Citrulline also enchances utilization of other amino acids, meaning that the protein you consume will be used in a much higher percentage for building muscle.

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2. Creatine Monohydrate

Gym rats often joke about creatine being a legal steroid, and there is some truth to that. Just like Citrulline, creatine is an amino acid produced within the human body, but to really feel its effects it’s necessary to consume it through supplementatio.

Creatine improves blood circulation in the muscle tissue, improves pumps, increases strength and also provides an energy boost, making it an excellent supplement for multiple purposes.

Creatine can be taken throughout the day, but as a pre-workout supp, it’s best to take a scoop of it before workouts. Creatine can cause some water retention, however this is not necessarily bad as water retention increases strength and improves pumps. But it can make your waist seem a bit thicker, so if you’re worried about your appearance you should make sure to eat a relatively clean diet to prevent this from happening. Just avoiding greasy fast food and processed food will do the trick.

3. Beta Alanine

This is another non-essential amino acid, and one that has gained in popularity recently. Beta Alanine reduces fatigue and enhances physical performance mainly through maintaining a good pH level in the body.
PH levels usually oscillate during training sessions, especially after 30-45 minutes of intense workouts. This is the time in which fatigue usually sets in.

Beta Alanine is also used before cardio sessions because it increases oxygen levels in the blood, therefore improving anaerobic output. This is a cheap and effective pre-workout supplement that can be used for prolonged periods of time without any negative side effects.

4. Caffeine

A hot cup of coffee, or a caffeine pill is a sure-fire way to get energized. That sounds almost like a good commercial. Humour aside, caffeine is one of the oldest used stimulus on the supplement market. Aside from the energizing effect, it also improves mental clarity and fat burning, due to a better oxydation of fat cells during exercising.

Caffeine does have its pitfalls, and it’s not uncommon to feel a crash of energy a few hours after ingesting it. However, it’s the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of fatigue and improve workouts.

5. Bioperin

Bioperin is a very interesting pre-workout ingredient. It’s actually rarely taken by itself, because its main effect is strengthening the effect of the other ingredients taken with it. This is why bioperin can be found in many supplements that contain caffeine, beta alanin, citrulline malate and many other popular pre-workouts. A derivative of black pepper, Bioperin will certainly pepper you for the workout (pun intended), so check it out if it’s mentioned on the label of your pre-workout supplement.

6. Vitamin B12

B12 is an essential vitamin that is found in meat and fish. It’s main purpose is to provide mental clarity, a proper immune response to viruses and bacteria, and to improve energy levels.

Unfortunately the quality of non-organic meat today is seriously impeded because of their living conditions and malnutrition. This is why B12 supplements are so popular, and many trainees use it as a pre-workout supplement because of the energy boost.

Another reason to take extra B12 is because of increased red blood cell production. This increase is of great benefit for increasing muscle endurance so that you can train longer without getting tired.

7. Alpha GPC

Acetylcholine is a powerful neurotransmitter that is responsible for proper cognitive and memory functions in the brain. Alpha GPC is a precursor of acetylcholine that can increase its effects, and it’s available in supplement form.

Other than being great for mental clarity and focus during workouts, increased acetylcholine also allows the body to produce more growth hormone, which allows for better muscle growth and recovery.

8. Betaine Anhydrous

This neat pre-workout has been proven to help in building muscle, and providing strength and energy, especially when taken straight before a workout. The way that Betaine Anhydrous works is through increasing production of creatine within the body. The other method is through increasing protein synthesis.

There was a great study done in 2014 in College of Springfield to test the effects of Betaine Anhydrous. [] The male subjects increased their lean muscle mass on average by 5 pounds during six weeks of taking 1.25 grams of Betaine before workouts.

9. BCAAs

Branched-Chain Amino Acids, commonly known as BCAAs are an amazing natural supplement for increasing protein synthesis and regulating protein metabolism. They’re also great for fighting against catabolism, which generally occurs after 45 minutes of vigorous training. It also improves recovery by reducing muscle soreness.

Although it doesn’t provide an energy boost, BCAAs are excellent in providing the benefits mentioned above, so it’s good to combine them with other pre-workouts.

10. Taurine

The last supplement on the list is taurine, an amino acid which is present in large amounts in human brain and heart. Taurine is also present in meat and fish, but just like creatine, the best way to get a substantial amount of taurine in the system is through supplements.

Taurine is used to thread ADHD, high cholesterol, liver disease and many other health problems. It binds to neuro-receptors and increases serotonin levels as well, which is why it’s used for improving mental performance.

In terms of training, taurine increases oxygen levels in blood, which results in more energy and stamina. Energy drinks such as Red Bull often combine taurine and caffeine to provide the kick. Taurine can be found as an isolated one-ingredient supplement, and also in conjuction with other ingredients from the list.


There are many natural pre-workout supplements on the market. This list was designed to provide you with an overview of the best and most popular ones at the moment. All of theses ingredients are available separately, but are most often used with other popular ingredients that work in synergy. So if you’re looking to reach peak performance during your training sessions, give some of these natural solutions a try.

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