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The 10 best natural pre-workout supplements

So you’re interested in knowing which pre-workout supplements are both natural and effective in providing a performance boost? Most supplements nowadays contain natural ingredients, but they’re also full of chemicals like artificial sweeteners, aconite, ulnic acid and many others which can cause side effects like digestive issues and migraines. These side effects can easily be […]

5 essential diet tips to help muscle growth

You’re probably aware of the fact that diet is an essential part of building muscle. In fact, bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger state that in the scale of importance, diet is 70%, training 20%, and resting 10% of the equation. However, diet is often overlooked by some gym rats, who consider just going […]

10 tips to build muscle faster

Are you looking for a fast way to build muscle? It’s not overstatement to say that when building a perfect body many people stumble on quite a few sidetracks that can derail progress for years. With thousands of different advice on gaining muscle, it’s hard to see just what works and what doesn’t, before we’ve […]

10 common mistakes men make in the gym

You’re heading to the gym all pumped up, visualizing the awesome workout that’s about to happen. Just as you’re about to enter the place you check your pockets, only to come to a horrifying conclusion that you forgot your iPhone and the old piece of paper you wrote the workout routine on 2 months ago. […]

Try these 10 proven methods to ease muscle pain after workout

If leg days force you to take the elevator, you might have a problem with muscle soreness. The most likely scenario is that the pain catches on the next day, and this muscular response is commonly knowns as DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness. There are many possible reasons why muscle soreness can occur. Sometimes it’s […]

The 5 most important exercises for men

You’re surfing the web, looking for the top workout routine that will turn you into this generation’s Frank Zane. But then you lose interest when you see they consist of weird stuff like weighted side bends, while abductor machines and balance balls are touted as revolutionary pieces of equipment. The fitness industry has to come […]

How to get a six pack, and lose the one pack

Is your one pack hiding the many? To have a six pack is a prestigious physical feat, especially when it’s combined with a proportional, muscular physique. Many people struggle to develop visible abs as they simply don’t know what to focus on in order to make it happen. Developing a six pack is not necessarily […]