Exercises for Two: Simple Home-Based Exercises for You and Your Partner

You love your spouse/ partner and you love spending time with him/her. You enjoy doing many diverse activities together. Since you both value your physical and mental health, why not spend quality time together exercising as a couple? Exercising together enables you to work on your relationship as you also improve your cardiovascular health, muscular strength and flexibility. Exercise at home or in your neighborhood to save time and money.

Benefits of Exercising as a Couple

a) Quality Time: Enjoy special time together while exercising, instead of going to the movies or watching television together.

b) Safety: You and your partner can look out for one another when you exercise together. You can help each other with your form and technique, too.

c) Common Interest: Find different cardiovascular activities that you enjoy doing together. Build on your number of shared hobbies and interests.

d) Deeper Bond: Exercise creates “feel good” chemicals in our brains that help us feel happy, relieved of stress, and more sexually interested. Studies show that women and men who exercise on a regular basis enjoy better and more frequent sex with their partners.

e) Motivation and Support: Encourage and compliment one another as you exercise. Try new athletic activities together and boost each other’s confidence with verbal and non-verbal affirmations.

Exercises for Couples

a) Bicycling: Find a pretty nature bike path near your home or bike around a nearby park. Ensure that you both have a good-quality bicycle and helmet. Consider purchasing bicycles so that you can enjoy biking together on a regular basis.

b) Yoga and Pilates: Purchase a basic Yoga or Pilates DVD to do at home together. Look for an exercise program that is specifically designed for couples.

c) Stretching Exercises: Stretch your neck, back, shoulders, arms, sides and legs together. Do stretches both independently side-by-side and also stretches where you lean against one another.

d) Walking or Hiking: Enjoy going on regular walks or hikes together as a couple. Utilize this time together to have meaningful conversations.

e) Dancing: Create an exercise/ dance space in your home. Gather a collection of energizing music that you both enjoy. Play CDs as you dance, both side by side and partner dancing. Dance to music of various cultures and tempos, including Swing, Celtic, jazz, African, Spanish, contemporary and Broadway music.

f) Gardening: Gardening provides both cardiovascular and strength-training exercise. Create and nurture flower, herb or vegetable gardens together. Gardening together will provide extra benefits, as you find comfort and inspiration enjoying nature together. Eating the fresh vegetables and fruit that you harvested together also helps you improve your diet and get necessary nutrients.